︎ For Preacher Austin @ The Creative Circus

Personas - A study in color

︎ I asked 25 people to respond to words like Subconscious by picking a color they felt best represented that word. I then created a color palette for each word and illustrated portrait interpretations for the words. 




What If, Today

︎ Generally, we are unaware of the power we posses to change the way we think. We can create new habits, rewrite old wiring. 

What If, Today is a series of illustrations and thought prompts that engage the user to step outside of their comfort zones to engage in new thought and action.

Role: Writing, Design, & Illustrations

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EDEN Concept Homes

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New Orleans Historical Map

With You, Adventure

︎ Illustrations for a publication about retirees on great adventures. These are true stories of older people doing extraordinary things, captivating the world with their adventurous hearts. These illustrations were created to celebrate their stories.
Laurel & John: Travelling to every Cracker Barrel 
Martha & Jerry: Sailing the world in style
Henry and Sandra: Bird Watching Champions

Mother’s Day Cards

︎ Mother’s Day Card Illustrations: Motherhood is sacred and beautiful. It appears in all forms throughout nature and we celebrate its beauty and versatility.